Slingo's Top 10 Free Online Games for Moms and Grandmoms

Each year, the second Sunday in May is set aside for Mother’s Day. Not only is this a chance for families to celebrate and honor the contributions of moms and grandmoms, it is also an opportunity for these women to reward themselves with a special day of fun and relaxation. For many, this may mean brunch with the kids, a picnic in the park, a sunny bike ride, or a trip to the mall. And for an increasing number of computer-savvy moms and grandmoms, it also means setting aside time to play their favorite online games.

Truth be told, online games continue to attract an ever-growing audience of female players who can’t get enough mind-bending puzzle and strategy games. A 2008 study from comScore revealed that the total number of women playing online games grew substantially versus the prior year, with the number of female players in the 55 to 64 age segment increasing by more than 40 percent. Anecdotal evidence supports that female players tend to gravitate toward games which are mentally or socially rewarding, as well as those which are easy to learn yet hard to excel at.

What type of games are fun loving moms most likely to play this Mother’s Day? Based on data provided by Slingo, Inc., a leader in the casual games industry, the top 10 most popular games among moms and grandmoms in the community are:

1. Slingo Classic – The multiplayer version of Slingo’s flagship game brings players all the fun and excitement of the original Slingo game, paired with a fresh new look. Take a spin and match numbers on the board to win big.

2. Card Slingo – A stylish spin on Slingo Classic, this poker-inspired game lets you show off your brilliant sense of strategy. Take each deal of five cards and build the best hands you can in 30 seconds or less to earn points – the better your poker hand, the more points you get. It’s like playing 12 hands of poker at once.

3. Swedish Bingo – In this fast-paced game, you get to play on four cards at once, and each number could appear on every card, so you’ll be scrambling to make sure you get all of your numbers covered before the round is over.

4. Mega Jackpot Bingo – You’ll have a ball going for a Bingo with four cards at once. And the fun doesn’t stop there, either, because Mega-Jackpot Bingo is the only Bingo game around that offers the Mega-Jackpot Bonus Round.

5. Slingo Solitaire – Just like the classic solitaire you learned as a kid, but with a special Slingo twist … the Progressive Jackpot! The more you play, the more you win.

6. Mixed Matrix – This game has all the fun of classic Slingo, plus a new way to play that adds a whole new topsy-turvy twist to shake things up. In classic Slingo the matches can only be in the same column – but in Mixed Matrix Slingo they can be anywhere at all, so you’re going to need to look sharp to make all your matches before it’s time to spin again.

7. Triple Slingo Jackpot – Triple Slingo Jackpot works like a classic mechanical slot machine, so the stakes are higher and you’ll need to pony up 20,000 Slingo Coins to play. As a bonus, this completely free slot game is sprinkled with lucky Slingo sevens to give you an extra boost of luck.Slingo Bonus Deluxe – This fantastic free slots game is a pixel-perfect recreation of the same game you’ll find in actual casinos, so you get the same fantastic play experience and sky-high jackpots any time you feel like having a little fun. And you don’t even have to leave home.

8.  Pokee – In this new look at poker, you and the robotic menace CHADBOT take turns building hands of poker and race to fill up your cards with the best example of each type of hand you can muster. While you’re busy marking down your Pokee card, CHADBOT will be, too, so in this battle of wits, you need to out-think the robot to score the most points you possibly can.

9. Mega Slots – This classically styled slot game is like playing on a lucky machine every time you spin the reel. This easy slots game gives you 50 spins – that’s 50 chances to hit the Mega Jackpot. Our Mega Slots Progressive Jackpot is always growing, and you never know how big it’ll get or which pull will be the one that wins it for you.

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