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Yahtzee – Cacho. 5 Winning Tips and Tricks

Playing the Original Yahtzee – Cacho from Bolivia.

yahtzee cacho dice game from boliviaBefore two Canadians with nothing better to do on their luxury yacht snatched up the idea and called it “Yahtzee” there was Cacho from Bolivia and Peru.

Grab five dice and go for it.

It’s a good game to travel with because so little equipment is needed (dice, your leather Cochabamba Dice Cups from Bolivia a pencil and some paper).

Basic Yahtzee – Cacho Rules


To gain the most points


  • yahtzee cacho scoring Each side is worth its face value (ones=1, two’s=2, etc)
  • Straight (Escalera de Mano) in one roll – 25
  • Straight (Escalera) in a series of rolls – 20
  • Full house (Un Full de Mano) 3 of one, 2 of another in one roll – 35
  • Full house (Un Full) in a series of rolls – 30
  • Poker de Mano (4 of a kind) in one roll – 45
  • Poker in a series of rolls – 40
  • Five of a kind in a series of rolls – called a “Grande” is worth 50 points a maximum of 2 times per scoreboard, past that it is worth only the sum of the dice.
  • Five of a kind in one roll – a Dormida or Grande de Mano earns 100 points and takes the place of a Grande square.

Each player is given a score sheet. The scores are noted on a tic-tac-toe cross hatch. The left column (from top to bottom) scores: ones, twos, threes.
The centre column scores straights, fulls, pokers. The right column scores fours, fives, sixes. The two boxes below the cross-hatch denote the spaces for Grandes – worth 50 points each. Grandes beyond these two are noted in the respective number spaces (1-6) since they are only worth the face value of the dice.

5 Yahtzee Tactics, Tips & Tricks

1. Go Big Early

When playing Cacho or yahtzee, go for the big point totals early in the game. If you roll a pair of “ones” or “twos” to start the game, try for a full de Mano (full house), Escalera (straight), or go for one of the other high numbers you rolled. Rolling three or four “ones” or “twos” after your third roll isn’t really ideal too early in Yahtzee.

More importantly, if you need to take a zero for some reason later in the game, it makes sense to take it in your “ones” or “twos” column than it does in one of your higher point columns. You can always make up for that loss in one of the other single number columns.

2. Spread your other Big Scoring Hands Around

If you get Poker de Mano (four of a kind) with “fours,” “fives,” or “sixes,” take the points in single number columns if you haven’t already, not in your Poker de Mano column. It will help you complete this section before the end of the game. This is particularly true of Yahtzee (as opposed to Cacho), where you want the Bonus 35 for having a total higher than 63 on the upper half. It also allows you to take a zero in your “ones” single number column if you have to later in the game.

3. Be sure to Get your Straight

If you roll a “two,” “three,” “four,” and “five” with four of your five dice on the first roll, and the fifth die was not a “one” or a “six,” go for an Escalera (large straight). You have two chances with each roll to get your large straight (a “one” or a “six”). Don’t underestimate the importance of getting your large straight. After all, It’s only 10 points below a Yahtzee or a Grande.

4. Going for the Grande and Grande de Mano (Yahtzee)

Should you ever try to get a Grande or Yahtzee early in the game? Absolutely!

If you roll three-of-a-kind or four-of-a-kind (Poker de Mano) on your first or second roll, and you have the corresponding single number column (or three-of-a-kind column in Yahtzee) to fall back on, go for it! That’s also one reason to save your “ones” column. When you go for a Yahtzee or Grande, you can take a zero in your “ones” column if you don’t get it without losing much.

Then all you need is to get the four of a kind in just one of your other single number columns to make up for it.

5. The Yahtzee Chance

When playing Yahtzee (Cacho has no chance), save your “chance” for as long as you can. Your “chance” column can be used any time during the game, no matter what you roll.leather dice cup

It’s nice to have that to fall back on if you don’t get the straight or Yahtzee that you were attempting to get.

In Cacho, the nearest equivelant would be one of your Grande de Mano or Dormida squares which are worth 100 points if you score your Yahtzee (Grande) in one throw.

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Top 20 Poker Books – Part I

Since there is poker, there are poker books. Some are good and some are pretty bad.
Here you will find the 20 best Poker Books which can be bought along with a small, but good and honest review.

Harrington on Hold’em Volume I: Strategic Play

Written by Dan Harrington, winner of the 1995 WSOP main event. Harrington has so much to say that he had to carry this over to a 2nd book, Volume II. Volume I covers the majority of topics for a No Limit Holdem Tournament player. It focuses on the earlier segments of a tournament. More advanced strategies for the end game can be found in Volume II. Aimed at players with some tournament experience, looking to take their game to a higher level. The writing style is fairly easy to digest. Harrington’s experience clearly shows through on this book. Not only does he fill the book with real live examples and how to play them, but also gives the reasons behind play. This one gives a real insight in to the mind of someone who thinks deeply and carefully about the game. One of the finest books on the subject that any serious player should keep in their library.

Harrington on Hold’em Volume II: The Endgame

While Volume I focused largely on solid play, this book gives insight on how to play the end game, in which deviations from earlier strategies can be made. It also helps in establishing moves from other players, commonly found in higher buy-in events at this stage. Short-handed and heads up are covered exceptionally well. Along with Volume I, this makes a great set for any serious tournament player.

Tournament Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky

For players that have a serious interest in tournament poker, this makes a great addition to your collection of material. Sklansky introduces a now well recognized principle he refers to as “The gap concept”. General tournament ideas are covered, including how to adjust your game at different levels of the event, playing with and against short and large stack, deal making, last longer bets, and much more. Although some sections could have been extended with further information, this is certainly a book that should be on your list.

Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Volume I

Although there are numerous books out there on poker, there are not many written by primarily online successful poker players. This one comes directly from 3 top online poker players, PearlJammer, Rizen, and Apestyles, who use their own hand histories to explain concepts. The authors have been extremely careful with the hands selected for analysis, all coming from their past online play. This certainly isn’t a book for beginners. If you are looking to get great insight in to playing online mid limit tournaments, this is an amazing addition to your library.

Poker Tournament Tips from the Pros by Shane Smith

From one of the greatest writers, learn the best strategies for different stages of an event and how to avoid 26 potential tournament traps. Also gives 21 top tips for winning poker tournaments.

Arnold Snyder’s The Poker Tournament Formula

If you have read Harrington and Sklansky and still need a boost to your tournament game, this may be the addition for you. Synders strategy is predominantly focused on position, unlike Sklansky who puts more focus on your hand. Although low limit event strategies are lacking, this proves to be a very good addition for students of the game.

Arnold Snyder’s The Poker Tournament Formula 2

This book focuses on larger events with slower structures, such as the WSOP and the WPT. This is for those who wish to step up their game and enter the world wide tournament circuit and taking a stab at potentially rich rewards. Synder presents some complicated concepts in a very clear understandable manner. This is a good addition for playing looking to play in bigger events. Synder discusses some well accepted principles, as well as challenging and refuting many past strategies with provocative and compelling reasons.

Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

From a player with a reputation of playing any two cards, showing wild play that seems to defy logic. This book shows the clear and logical thought process of his seemingly crazy decisions. You’ll soon learn that if you’re going to describe Gus as crazy, it’s more accurate to consider him “Crazy as a fox”. Hansen takes readers through his 5 day performance during the 2007 Aussie Millions tournament, going on to win $1.2M. The book well discusses his thoughts during key hands and stages through the event. Gus also highlights hands which he believes he may have played incorrectly, and gives the insight to this. It just goes to show even the top pro’s make mistakes. A highly rated read.

Erick Lindgren Reveals His Tournament Secrets

This book is from a well known professional who teaches you from start to finish – starting from trying to win a seat in a satellite, through to playing early stages, mid stages and approaching and reaching the final table. This is a well written book and is a great addition to your collection if you are looking to move your tournament game up a level.

Harrington on Cash Games, Volumes I & II

Straightforward writing style, coupled with real life examples, along with problems to analyze. One of two volumes, both of which are highly recommended. No serious poker player should be left without Harrington in their collection. The majority of examples are taken from a 5-10NL game. If you need to learn from start to finish on cash game, or looking to improve your cash game, you cannot afford to be without this one. A large majority of successful cash players have read this one, so you do not want to be left behind.

Start your own slot machines business

Formerly you worked for a company and every month you got paid on the spot and things were okay – nothing special but you had no uncertainties. The boss rolled up in his shiny new car; in the mean time you drove about in your ten year old clapped out box on wheels – noticeably he was doing fantastic compared to you. For sure it is time for a change; and the single human being stopping you is yourself! Start-up your own slot machines business immediately! Operating your own slot machines business is perhaps something you have thought about for numerous years; but what has prevented you before? It’s evident that being your own boss may perhaps be the hardest thing you ever do, except imagine the rewards.

Being the boss means making challenging decisions each day of the week, although they are your decisions and, unlike when you work for others, you in reality get to make them! On occasion, and particularly in the slot machines area these decisions have to be made lacking all the information you need and you will get experience rapidly.

The reality about running your own slot machines business isn’t that you will be chasing the mighty dollar but that you might acquire the life you have for ever and a day sought. Of course, the cash is very important; but to build up the business that creates the life you actually want is a significant reward. Personal independence runs hard cash near to being the chief component to becoming their own boss. Most successful slot machines businesses are run by those that don’t lose sleep concerning how triumphant they are as long as they do not have to work for others.

However the large bank balance helps!

For your own self regard; envisage the feeling you have compared to being in an everyday occupation or no occupation at all. It’s a lot unproblematic to get out of bed first light knowing you are constructing a business for yourself and your family; you’re doing it for your boss – who you might not even get on with.

In reality there are constantly a combination of features at play and no two distinctive industrialist fit the same form; in a substantial corporation people become institutionalized but with your own venture you get to do stuff your own way and motivate the workers you have (assuming you have any).

Serious slot machines businesses are planned that way by people just like you. Capitalists do well because they plan to be lucrative, they take the time to bring about how they want their business to be; they design it that way and take vast pleasure as their venture and their life starts to fit their dreams.

Start-up your slot machines business now!

Learn your Poker Abcs With Poker Tutorials

Poker is a card game in which players conceal their cards fully or partially and whose objective is to win the pot, which is the sum of money that has been bet by all the players in a hand. The player who has the best card combination will be awarded the pot. Another way to win the pot is to make a bet that will remain uncalled.

There are many variants of poker but they all follow pretty much the same pattern. If you want to play poker in a casino, the cards will be dealt by the house dealer and the betting order will be determined by rotating a button clockwise among the players. The cards are shuffled and cut by the dealer and than dealt to the players in the appropriate number and one at a time. In some poker variants the cards are dealt face-up, in others they are dealt face-down. The poker game may consist of several betting rounds. The game starts with forced bets that one or more players will be required to make and which will be contested by the other players.

When a bet is made by a player, the opponents’ choices are folding, calling or raising. When a bet is placed by a player and all his opponents fold, the player wins the pot and is not required to show his cards. Bluffing is possible through this way of winning the pot. If there’s more than one player left at the end of the final betting round, the players show their hidden cards and their hands will be evaluated. This is called the showdown. Since poker has many variants, there are also several ways of determining the best poker hand. But the bottom line is that, at showdown, the player with the best hand will be awarded the pot.

If you’re not playing poker in a casino but at a gaming site, you have to fulfill some very important conditions in order to make sure that you’re not just wasting your time. The body language will no longer give you the advantage here, so you must be proficient. Poker tutorials can only benefit you if you want to be a good poker player. One of the basic rules that the poker tutorials will teach you is to participate as long as you have the advantage, and to quit fast whenever you feel that you have lost this advantage. Not quitting while you’re still ahead means adding more money to a pot that you won’t win anyway. Being able to decide the strength of the hand you’re holding, deciding what cards to play, making the best choice as to when to fold or when to bluff, being able to build up a pot – all these are conditions which a proficient poker player must fulfill. Poker tutorials will guide through all the steps of playing poker, providing you with appropriate examples. The poker tutorials may also check the understanding of the content comprised in a certain module which has been presented to you. Basically, poker tutorials represent an enumeration of instructions and tips that a player must follow and participating in a game of poker. Poker tutorials may also suggest taking notes of your poker performance.

All in all, you will only succeed at poker if you perform wisely, and this is where poker tutorials come in handy.

For more resources about tutorials or for more related subjects with poker please review this link

Buy Slot Machines

For an average person, the casino has a completely different significance which it really has. For them, it is the place of the charm and the glitz. There are many devices of the casinos. Those include machines with play, with under, of the high stakes and the tables of caster. The majority of the people who go to the casino have the completely different reason to go there. Their reasons are most of the time to catch the charm, of drinking beer and playing a little. They do not do anything more than that. But the account does not stop with them. There are much more people who want to gain the money fate on the machines with under famous.

Many people like to bring back the house of joy, and thus investigate how to
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The machine does not require any procedure of special installation. Very that it needs is to connect and play. It is made for this thing only. This machine is not a certain equipment kind from very nine. These machines were in the casinos. But when they achieve their life, they are thrown for more use in the casinos. These machines go then to the factory where it was manufactured. At this place, restoration of this machine is made and they are dispatched for the use in the houses. Still, the factory will take care of all your apprehensions.

These machines with under casino are equipped with their own systems of music. They are there to play the song so that you could feel the atmosphere of a regular casino. It will amplify your determination of the play. Otherwise, the feeling of much of people disinclined to play it house while they appreciate it in the casinos. Like any product of occasion, these machines also come with a guarantee. The guarantee of this machine is approximately two years. So problems occur with this machine then it would be responsibility for the company to repair it for you. Consequently it is equipment of pleasure and you should give him full-time.

Poker Loser in 5 Steps

How many of you play games of poker? How many of you lose more often than you win, are you just making up the numbers but in the process giving away your hard earned cash? Maybe you want to start playing poker, either way this will help. Don’t forget to follow up what you read here with the free videos on

1. So just knowing the rules and nothing else won’t get you far. But not knowing the rules will have you in a hot caldron of trouble surrounded by hungry cannibals. So learn the rules of the game. Check out this video

2. The most common sign of a Poker Loser is a player who plays weak hands. Wasting your chips on hands which have no chance of winning is about as good a use for your cash as burning it to toast marshmallows. Wait for the right hands, then play, you will be rewarded!

3. Almost all poker players play with some sort of strategy whether they know it or not. If you want to be a Poker Loser then ignore the other players at the table, don’t watch how they are playing. If on the other hand you want to be a winner, do the opposite. Watch the rest of the table when you are in hands and when you’re out.

4. A sure fire way to be a Loser is to forget about simple probability. Remember your chance of winning is important to consider, so is that fact that it changes during a hand as the game develops. To simplify this as much as possible, think about how much you will need to bet in comparison to the pot, keeping this in mind should keep you on the right track. Check out this video

5. Ok so in step 3 we said watch other players if you want to avoid pinning the loser badge to your shirt. Once you have watched some poker you will see and recognise the different styles and strategies that players are using. For example you might notice the aggressive players on a table betting big on a small pot to make you think back to those odds we talked about in step 4. Once you understand how these styles work you will be able to start using them yourself and understand how other players are using them to give yourself the edge against them, turn the tables and set them up as the loser.

Online Poker Game – Developing A Winning Cash Game System

If you are new to online poker you may not know that texas holdem cash games are one of the most profitable sources of income today. It is a huge adrenaline rush playing in cash games online. With todays explode of new players sitting at the poker tables by the thousands daily, one can profit greatly from new players mistakes. Most new players starting out have only played free texas holdem poker online, which is FAR different then playing cash games. With free online poker, many players constantly play like maniacs without a care in the world or regard for the poker chips. Most people do not understand that to be profitable online, you need to gain experience by playing REAL money cash games, not play money. Who cares when you’re playing cash games to go all in with AJ, 54, 98, 27, etc… when you can just reload your play chips right away if you lose? There is no point in playing for play money, the only true way to gain a grasp on online poker is to play for real money. When playing for real money it is extremely important to develop a cash game strategy to make you a stable income day after day and month after month. When you are playing cash games you can go from zero to hero in a few hands. In interesting fact that you may want to know is that the largest online poker pot ever won in a cash game was slightly over $375K. Could you imagine this type of hand? If you don’t believe me go to YouTube and type in largest online poker pot and you will see it. It was sick and worth more than a house! I couldn’t imagine winning that much but I can imagine winning 10K+ a month, my current average salary.

Earning 10K a month just buy playing cash games online is a nice feat, especially when you understand that it is more than 100K a year! My goal when I first started playing cash games was just to make 100 dollars a day. I accomplished this goal in the first two weeks, not by luck but by having the kind of patience it takes to win cash games. My best profit use to come by playing a waiting game instead of getting impatient and playing rags. The most deadly hand in poker has to be a poker set. With a straight or a flush you can see it out there, not with a set especially if your opponent is holding 2 over cards. That is how pocket AA’s, KK’s, QQ’s get cracked because they are just too hard to fold when it comes a rainbow J 2 9 flop. Your sitting there holding pocket 22’s licking your lips. Depending on what stakes you are playing at, you just made some great profit. In whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck in your future poker career.

Ow to Use an Omaha Hand Simulator

An Omaha hand simulator is a toll you can use to help you simulate two or more Omaha poker hands. You can use the same simulator for both Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo poker. This tool allows for simple simulations of games in which you know the cards each player has. You can contrive complex situations as well where one player could possible have several different combinations. To use this simulator, you enter possible hand combinations into the system, which will then evaluate the hands telling you which player has the winning hand.

The results you get from a simulator of Omaha will tell you the pot equity percentage for each hand along with the percentage of wins and losses for each hand. The pot equity percentage refers to the average amount of money that each hand wins. It does take the occurrence of ties into the calculation. If you get a result stating that it is an invalid race, this means that you must have entered only one hand. In order to receive any calculations, you have to enter at least two hands. You also have to make sure you have enough cards in the deck. For example, if you have five players, each of them cannot hold an Ace.

There are other buttons for you to use on the simulator as well. The unroll button lets you see the pre-flop, flop, turn and river odds for each hand. To use this button all you have to do is enter all of the hands and the final board and then click the button. Graph is the name of another button on this simulator. The equity graph shows you how often a given hand will have equity against other hands you enter into the simulator in the next round of betting. If you have no board cards, the graph will show the data for a certain number of flops. If you have three board cards, the graph will show you the expected values for a certain number of turn cards. The axis on the left has a label that tells you which hands are being displayed in the graph.

You cannot use wild cards or ranges when using this simulator. You have to specify the cards for each hand from a standard deck of suited cards. The simulator will also give you results of exhaustive and random race results, Exhaustive races are those in which every possible combination of cards is considered and is exact. The results of a random race are approximate.

When you request the to percentage of hands created, the simulator will go as close as possible to the percentage number you choose without going over. There are specific symbols that you must use when using a simulator. For a hand with all low cards, you would enter four L’s. To enter any hand with two Aces, you would enter AA**. Any hand with two hearts requires * h * h. Once you get used to using the simulator, you will be able to calculate virtually any hand.

Turbo Poker Sit N Go Tournaments. Hurting Your Adversaries

Poker turbo tourney strategy is generally dictated by pre-arranged blind structures. Additionally, try to work out the range of poker hands your opponents are ready to play. Poker requires play with mathematical decisions, these circumstances offer you advantages over mediocre turbo poker players. Each blind increase implies you’ll view less flop action so it’s more critical to understand opponents pre-flop play.

By mid stage of the turbo tourney, players will either be stressed to stay ahead of the blinds or have a cushion to pressure their opponents, casting sufficient chips in the centre to put their adversaries tournament on the line. Each blind rotation lessens short stack options. Sometimes their hand is forced. Experienced internet players will make correct math based plays. Luck is a big contributor to any poker tournament and coin flip plays feature strongly. During turbo poker games, participants must switch gears when blinds start climbing. Aggressiveness should be upped in accordance to the blinds. In a nine player sit and go, normally 1-2-3 get paid out. In anticipation of making the money, players holding normal stacks frequently constrain their play to ease into the payout positions.

Modest stacked players are often the primary target for those attempting to claim blinds. You have the chance to use their tight player style against them and buffer your stack when they do ultimately call. Your power to gather blinds will be shaped by chips of others surrounding you. In an unentered pot, it’s critical to notice chipstacks of those playing behind you.

You might become stressed with advanced levels in a turbo sit and go tourney because,  just like other online poker game, you’ll find yourself card dead quite often. When your chip tally drops below a certain level your opponents may have calling pot odds. The idea is to push your entire stack in when you have the biggest chance of unchallenged pots. The prospect of being called ordinarily comes down to the squeeze your chip tally places on the caller, if your chip balance drop too low, the perils of calls increase. Those with medium chip stacks are often on safety mode and hesitant to chance entering a pot with an average hand. If you think you’ll get a fold, go for it.

Reduced stacks]stacked players are increasingly likely to call holding sub optimum hands as their prospects lessen due to their sustained blinds battle. Your focus is to collect pots without dispute. This means it’s essential to note chipstacks and use the knowledge of table positioning.

Poker turbo tournaments are planned for loaded stress but may also offer very absorbing table battles. I know several participants who take part in nothing but turbo’s due to the endless rush of playing double or nothing situations. To realize a profit, playing cleverly is required. This doesn’t imply putting your tourney on the line each time. Only those with giant chip stacks can afford to wait for perfect conditions. Other players are struggling for their tournament lives. It’s your job as a player to puzzle out the tight from maniac players. Poker turbos may be more hurried but the base poker principles apply. Participants who constantly push all-in rarely get to later stages of  tournaments. Pushing at improper moments is just as unfavourable as failing to push at correct times.

The Relevance Of Reading Online Poker Reviews

Do you know? why online poker room reviews are in such high demand? Well, simply because, unless you are an expert gambler who knows the ins and outs of online poker rooms, it is a bit hard for a layman to read the intricacies of a poker room, its game rules, payout percentages, bonuses and the conditions governing them, competition levels, and more importantly, to deduce whether an online poker room seen in the internet is indeed a genuine one or a fraudulent site. A good online poker review portal solves all these troubles in one sweep.

Online poker review websites generally list online poker rooms based on the above mentioned factors taken independently, or sometimes in combination of one, two or more. Hence, it makes the job easier for gamers to choose the online poker websites they want to game in. For example, if a player A wants to game in a poker portal where the competition is tough, he can choose one accordingly. On the other hand, if a player B prefers online poker sites that offer lots of bonuses and promotions, and the one with a robust and user friendly software and that offers excellent visual experience, he can choose one accordingly. At the end of the day, online poker reviews are all about telling a player, not withstanding whether he is a professional player or a novice, how an online poker room figures in terms of performance, the common bench marks being payout percentages, promotions, game software, competition levels, and how genuine the website is.

Having said that, however, online poker reviews you find in the internet may not look all the same. For example, a review written on poker in one website may look a bit different from the one posted in another site. However this is an acceptable aberration for minor differences are natural, as it depends on the games the reviewer had played at poker or the way he had analyzed the whole thing while he penned the review. But caution must be exercised if you find any odd review in the fray that talks differently or overtly promote a particular website or feature. When a poker review (or a review on anything) loses its neutrality, it loses its essence. Such poker reviews must be ostracized.

That brings us to another relevant question how to ensure that a poker review you find in the internet is indeed genuine? First point, you could trust genuine poker review websites. They have a reputation to guard, and hence will be stringent in their review standards. Secondly, always prefer reviews written by experts in the trade. Former players or current players, who regularly game at various poker rooms, are always the better placed ones to write about an online poker room than somebody who has no connection whatsoever with online poker websites.

Online Poker Reviews serve as useful pointing boards to players, directing them to the best of online poker rooms available in the web, at any given time. However, they must ensure that they read only genuine reviews, preferably penned by players themselves.